Monday, September 14, 2009

Strange Experience

I had a very strange experience this weekend. My fiance's parents came to stay with us this weekend to see our new house. I'm always nervous when new people come and I haven't been open to them about my pole dancing.
My FI's (fiance's) mom had heard from her sister that I pole dance, so she was very interested in seeing it. During the tour of our house, we got to the basement, which is usually where I get very nervous when 'first timers' see the shiney metal pole in the middle of the floor.  She thought it was very cool and asked if I'd show her some things later. I reluctantly agreed because I'm never sure where people stand on their opinions on pole dance.
Saturday night we got home from golf and she asked again if she could see what I do.  It was wonderful!! both my FI's parents were completely shocked and awed by the things I could do.  They both kept saying how hard it must be and the strength one needs.  She thanked me for showing her what I have learned and said it has changed how she sees it. She was a little unsure of the whole concept, but now has respect for the fitness level you need to do spins and inverts. Both FI's mom and dad tried a few things and found it very tough.  It was very fun for both myself and my FI to show what we can do.
I'm very happy that I got over some fear and showed her. It was a good experience and nice to know that I'm still in her good books :)