Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Cross Leg Release And Grace

Pole class last night was great. I learned how to protect my muscles while doing a gemini, gracefully do a split grip invert to Apprentice and how to do the cross-leg release.

I had learned the do the gemini when I took semi-private lessons with Polejunkies. In class last night was the second time I learned it, and there was still more things to think about. Correct body positioning, how to get there properly without banging your calf muscle on the pole and how to place your arm to stablize the hold. After being able to do the move since last year, I still learned something new.  Goes to show pole is ever evolving and I'll never have a move down pat no matter how long I've known how to do it.

A new trick I picked up on doing a split grip invert to apprentice is to think of it as a craddle spin (crouch spin?) It helps to get ones body in the right position so you're not wrenching your shoulder and causing injury. And, it makes it easier to hoist your foot up. Adds a little grace, which is always a good thing.

Then came the cross-leg release. I remember learning the cross-knee release and having bruises and pain for a while after. This one is no exception, the bruises and pain are just in a slightly different spot. I dug out a crash mat at the studio because I'm a chicken and don't trust my legs to hold me on the first try. Turns out I didn't need it since I got it twice in a row (yah me!) Managed to get both hands off the pole into the final pose. Definately a work in progress since I have to walk my hands down and release them one at a time, but certainly an accomplishment for not expecting to learn that one.

It was a very successful class and I'm stoked that I have some new things to learn and go from while at IPC (International Pole Camp) this weekend. I'll post more on that this week.