Tuesday, February 1, 2011

January Recap 2011

I started off pretty good this year.
I read 5 books in January and started 2 more before the month was done.
Outlander - 5 Stars
My Horizontal Life - 2 Stars
The Body Finder - 4 Stars


I spent $0 on the books I read. I previously owned or borrowed all of them.
I saved $40.58 this month. (I use the current Amazon price for all the books I read)

Book Journey
I have travelled to Scotland, Paris, North Carolina, New Jersey and Washington in my book journey.
I love keeping track of where all the books are set.
See my map updated with every book on my side bar.

The movies at the theatre weren't all that great to start the year.
I'm hoping things pick up since I love going to movies.

After an odd start to the P90x, we are in week 7. So far I'm seeing a difference in weight and in measurements. I'm excited to keep going on with my own modified version. Skipping the cardio since I don't need to lose anymore weight. Just build strength.
Pole is getting good again. I learned two new moves last week and have trophies (bruises) to prove it. I'm glad I signed up again for classes.
Teaching is going great. I have 3 introductory classes a week to teach. It's a long and fun night.