Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: February 9 Check-in

I am a craft making machine! Our pew bows are complete! I made two to start following the instructions in my bow making manual. The first ones are beautiful! We went to church Sunday and had a closer look at the pews. Sadly, the first two bows are WAY too big. I cut the material in half and now they are the perfect size.

What was accomplished:
  • Pew bows done! All 14 of them.
  • Met with musician and decided on some of the ceremony music.
  • Relayed suit information to groomsmen so they can go and get measured. Still need to send information to one more groomsmen so he can get measured and then send us the information to pass onto the store.
  • Cake cutting song picked
  • Reception music for dance decided. Our DJ has a list of genres for us to say Yes, A few, Only if requested, DJ discrection, No way.
  • Ceremony readings chosen.
  • Invitations are in. Need to pick them up
  • Ordered my veil.
  • Maid of honours accomodations set.
  • Favours decided on. M&M's!

What needs to be done:
  • Cancel hall rental for the night before the wedding. We don't need it anymore.
  • Start making chair sashes
  • Try rental chair cover on chair at hall to make sure they fit and look good.
  • Call priest to set up meeting.
  • Make maps for invitations