Monday, July 9, 2012

Fitness Check In: July 9/2012

C25K Update:
I should say that I've been using the Ease to 5K app on my iPod rather than the Couch to 5K website. I think there are a number of different programs out there you can use. I've been told the Running Room has a program that is vastly different from the one I'm doing. I say you find one that works for you, whether it be an app on your device, a website or a community group. The fact is, your doing something good for yourself and improving your life.

I've completed 3 weeks of the program and am very happy with the results. My cardiovascular system seems to be becoming more effective. My ability to recover after anaerobic activity has always been pretty great, my problem was sustaining aerobic activity. I was never able to run or dance for long stretches of time.  My lungs feel like I'm able to breathe a little deeper and it's become easier to control my breathing (when I remember)
Every new week that comes I think I can't do it. That extra minute or doubling the running time scares me. 
I was sure that last Saturday I would just do a repeat of Week3/Day3 since we had gone on vacation and I hadn't gotten my running plan in. Taking 5 days off had me thinking a repeat day would be in order. When I got up Saturday morning I was totally pumped to dive into Week 4. A 6 minute run? No problem! And in fact, it wasn't. I was able to do it and surprised myself.

I've gotten Frenchie to start the Bridge to 10K app. He's been running for a while, but never had a program to follow or push him to improve. I think he may be regretting it a little, but thankful. The push is definitely something he craves. He was even talking about signing up for a 10K! I don't think he realized how close he was to running that far before this program. 

Since vacation July Long weekend, I haven't gotten down to the gym again to lift weights. It seems as though I may be bored again. I truly love The New Rules of Lifting for Women program and think it's incredibly effective. Why can't I just kick my butt and get down there?

Does anyone have any suggestions for great weight lifting books/DVD's? (and not P90X)

MeasurementNowJune 25/2012Initial Measurements
Weight115.8 lbs112.4 lbs113 lbs
Chest32 in31 in 32 in
Waist26 in26 in26.5 in
Hips32 in32 in Didn't measure
Butt35 in34 in35 in
Arms9 in/9 in9 in/9 in9 in/9 in
Thighs20 in/19 in20 in/19.5 in19.5 in/19.5 in
Calves13 in/13 in13 in / 13 in12.75 in / 12.75 in

Weekly Schedule (subject to change at the drop of a pin)
DayWorkout Planned
ThursdayDVD with Sister#2
FridayC25K, NROLFW