Monday, July 23, 2012

Planned Reading

Are you a person that plans your reading book to book?
Usually I have a list or shelf of books I want to read but I never plan the exact next book. I just take one off that shelf or list that seems to fit my mood. At least until lately. I've noticed that my love for books has gotten me into 3 book clubs; 2 online and 1 in real life. While I love it and wouldn't give them up, I now have 3 books to read a month and then discuss. 3 books that may or may not have been on my to-read list. It's great that I'm expanding my reading to other genres and it's fantastic to have people to discuss books with, I feel like I don't get to read anything BUT book club books. 

Are you in a book club? What are you reading next?

Here's my list of planned reading.

The Girl in the GardenKamala Nair
Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn
The Sandcastle Girls - 

My Goodreads Challenge says I'm 3 books behind. I need to read some short books and get that back to on track.