Wednesday, February 27, 2013

February Resolutions - am I happier?

I wish I had a bigger update for week 3. I meant to do a lot of things this weekend. In all fairness, I had a great weekend without checking things off my list.

Getting ready for bed has now become habit. Frenchie has been a huge help on this one. He reminds me after I'm done teaching piano by asking if I'd like some tea and starts the kettle for me. That is my queue to go wash my face, put my pj's on and relax. It's become habit on the weekends as well which is great.

I'm officially more addicted to Barre than I was when I started. The 9am class is the perfect fit for me and I can feel myself getting stronger. The bands are perfect for my shoulder rehabilitation since I can decide for myself how much resistance to use.
My diet has changed for the better since modifying to cut gluten. It has been far easier than I thought it would be and I really think I'm healthier. The amount of vegetables we eat now and the creative meals we've been making, I feel like I'm getting a more well-rounded diet.
I've managed to cut out Starbucks more than I thought. I still slip and get one here or there. Going cold turkey for a week was enough to make me realize how bad I feel after having one.

The organization has come to a standstill. Other than hanging up a few pictures that are still sitting on the floor, I need a break from it. Everything looks "good enough" and for the spaces we rarely use, I'm happy with the way they are for now.

Nagging tasks are still nagging at me. The act of finding a seamstress either near my house in the evening (which is impossible for me to get to on a week night) or taking things downtown is something I'm just not willing to put much effort in to.

I think February was a good way to start my Happiness Project and I'm looking forward to moving on to March - Remembering Love. I really think that I've formed some good habits and there are definitely some things from February I'll continue on with.