Friday, February 1, 2013

Organization: The storage room

I wanted to do this list by the end of November 2012. That obviously didn't happen. With The Happiness Project, one of my goals for February is to clear out a space. It will definitely be an ongoing goal throughout the year, but the first one on the list was The Storage Room. We cheated a little and did it last weekend, but it worked out timing wise to get it done. One room a month will definitely make a big difference. And places like the Office will coincide with a few other resolutions I have in the next few months.

Front closet
Back closet
Master closet
Spare bedroom closet
Laundry Room
Storage Room

The basement storage room has been a nemesis of mine. I always have to look through a bunch of un-labeled boxes to find what I'm looking for. In the process of finding what I went for (yes I usually find it), I also find a ton of things that we either have never used, will never use, or didn't know we had. Bunch of old cables that neither of us remember what they go to? Empty boxes "just in case" we have to send something back that is definitely out of warranty by now? Sports equipment on 4 different shelves? Unorganized!
I spent a couple hours on a weekend down there by myself and after Christmas I had the opportunity to organize all the Christmas decorations while putting them away. After another hour or so with Frenchie on a weekend we finished it. The basement still needs a lot of work in other rooms and closets, but it's definitely a huge improvement. Some day the basement will be a TV room and play room rather than a gym and place to dump things we don't want upstairs.


Not too bad. I had gone through it a little bit here and there over the last year


Martha Stewart Dry Erase Labels are awesome for Rubbermaid bins.
The great thing is that I had all those bins lying around either empty of with a couple things in them. Repurpose useful items.
Never hurts to buy a little organization shelf if you need one. 
I love this one from Golf Town for our clubs and extras.

We also have an under the stair storage area for all the Christmas decorations, tree, wrapping stuff and non-Christmas wrapping things.


Empty boxes and overflowing bins. 


I always wanted a wreath bag (you can't see it) and a wrapping paper bag. Finally found them this year. 
More repurposed bins (with labels!)

Garage Sale Pile

The pile grows every time we do a room or a closet or a cupboard. I love it!
As much as I dislike sitting there all day, it is a good way to get rid of things that are still useful. 


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