Thursday, February 28, 2013

Happiness Project: March - Remembering Love

This month is all about remembering love. Remember to love the ones we're with. Not just my husband, but all my family. This month there are a lot of family birthdays which makes this month a great month to focus on  love.

I've broken my Remembering Love month down a little differently than Gretchen Rubin did in her book. Part of the Happiness Project is to do what works for you as an individual. It looks like this for me.

The Husband Project

Remember when I did the Husband Project? It was a fun exercise that didn't take a lot of effort and seeing the change in my husband made a huge difference to our relationship. We have a great relationship, happily married and completely in love. For me, the little tasks are just a way for me to remind us both how much I love him. A month is plenty of time to redo this project, or parts of it as a way to Remember Love. 

Stop word-vomiting

I am terrible at dumping my feelings/issues/grievances on people around me. It's far easier to complain than to the point out the good things that happen. I'm a pessimist by nature so complaining comes easy. I consider my sister an optimist. A lot of the time I dump my issues on her and let her point out the good things to me. While this is great, it can be draining on both of us. Frenchie, being the closest person in proximity to me in a safe environment gets the brunt of my complaints. I want to focus on journaling my frustrations rather than vocalizing them. 

Quit Nagging/He'll do it his way

If you're married, or live with someone (significant other, family, roommate) you've probably recognized that people do things differently. It's not the same way YOU would do things. Ever re-pack the dishwasher to fit more dishes? Ever ask several times for something to be done that really isn't urgent? I need to quit nagging. Just because Frenchie is doing something a different way than me, doesn't mean it's the wrong way. The key is to keep your comments to yourself. When something does get done, appreciate it. Say thank you and not follow it with a "but..." 

Focus on his Love Language

Before getting married, Frenchie and I both read The 5 Love Languages. As part of the Husband project, I'm going to try and incorporate his love language more often. It's a small thing that brings you closer together.