Monday, March 18, 2013

March Happiness Project: Week 2

I feel like this month is a sort of break from the Happiness Project. The first month was all about organizing and had very tangible results. This month is all about feeling and emotion. That suits me fine, it's just harder to see if the results are there or not. It's not really a break as much as a shift of focus. How will I know I'm successful? I won't really, but the effort to make my husband happier by doing little things that won't get me a  gold star is worth it.

The Husband Project

There is nothing better than doing something unexpected and seeing happiness from it. One of the jobs I hate is picking up after Taylor & Beta in the backyard. We never go out there in the winter so it's typically forgotten, especially when it snows and everything is covered up. Frenchie did a big sigh and said "I guess I better to pick up." I told him I already did it and he was so happy! Something small, but a huge result.

Frenchie is the breakfast chef on the weekends. It's just sort of our thing. I don't always thank him outside of the "wow that was delicious" etc. I made sure last week he knew just how much I love that he makes breakfast on the weekends and how much I look forward to it.

I also made him chicken satay last week. He was really excited to see it on our menu board as it's one of his favourites. 

Stop word-vomiting

I went to counselling last week and it made a slight difference. I think it will definitely help me say all my issues and problems to someone objective rather than close to home. I believe Frenchie was relieved that my appointment went well and that there is someone else who can assist me. He doesn't have a big issue hearing about my stress triggers and all that, it does get taxing after a while.

Quit Nagging/He'll do it his way

Just the usual avoidance of re-packing the dishwasher. (Yes I'm THAT wife)
Not much on this one this week.

Focus on his Love Language

A shoulder massage while watching TV makes a big difference for him. He doesn't go for massage regularily like I do, so every little bit helps. I read a quote from one of my textbooks that states:
"International hug experts advise a minimum of 4 hugs daily is needed to prevent Vitamin L(love) deficiency, 6 hugs a day for maintenance and 10 hugs a day for growth". 1
I told Frenchie this fact and he immediately came over and hugged me. Then proceeded to count hugs the next day to make sure we both got our quota.
(If you want more reasons for hugs out this article at MindBodyGreen)

1. Staying Healthy with Nutrition, rev: The Complete Guide to Diet and Nutritional Medicine by Elson M. Haas, Buck Levin