Monday, March 25, 2013

March Happiness Project - Week 3

Frenchie's Birthday is today! (Happy Birthday love of my life!)
He opened my gift to him on the weekend: bike pedals, shoes and a base layer for cycling.
This morning he got Taylor (boxer) to purr so that made his morning.

This weekend we tried a new restaurant, Sugo Cafe Italia. It was delicious. You could really tell that the people who worked there felt like a family. The owner was walking around, the atmosphere was great and the service was outstanding. I also got 1000 on my Open Table account; win/win

Last weekend, Frenchie got to pick the movie. He's been wanting to see Silver Linings Playbook for a while and it happened to be in one theatre still. I was thoroughly impressed with the movie. I can see why Jennifer Lawrence won the Oscar for her role. They didn't sugarcoat anything. The great part was that on the ride home, Frenchie and I had a great conversation about mental illness, the stigmas and how sometimes people just need a little help.

We spent the weekend relaxing which was a nice change from being busy all the time. I think he's caught on to the Husband Project again but is keeping it quiet. He loves the extra attention.

I have 4 things left on my list in order to spoil Frenchie this week.