Friday, May 15, 2009

Frustrated with sickness

Since last Thursday, I have been feeling under the weather. I took a few days from work this week to get better. Resting is usually a good idea. Unfortunately, it hasn't improved my cold at all. I'm still sick! I'm at the point of frustration now. I haven't been to the gym in over a week, which is very frustrating to me. I don't like taking unplanned weeks off from weight training, as it throws off my schedule.

TonightI finally got around to moving some filled boxes into the spare room as a storage area until we move. I can now see the space around my pole in order to dance. I took a few spins last night, and felt a little better to exercise. Being me, I decided to drag out my crash mat and try some inverts since I felt slightly better. I attempted one invert and got a splitting headache. I crashed on the mat and scolded myself. Why would flipping myself upside down be a good idea, when I can barely breathe out of my nose? So much for dancing tonight...

I won't have much time for exercise this weekend anyways, but I'm planning to do a little bit if I can. Perhaps a jog today with my boyfriend to get rid of some stress and get outside. We are supposed to have wonderful weather for the weekend... finally! I'm very tired of snow one day, sun the next. It's May!! Enough with the cold weather!! This weekend is Canada's long weekend in May. Most people will get Monday off this weekend as a stat holiday. Rather than spend this weekend camping with the rest of Canada (seems to be what most people do this weekend), I will be packing. This is the only weekend we are both here for the entire duration of it. The next two prior to our move are away with family. I'm not complaining we are using this weekend to pack, I'm actually glad we have the entire 3 days to do this. We're certainly taking time to enjoy the weekend outside of cardboard and packing tape. Motorcycle ride one day, bbq with family another, going to a movie or two at night.

I'm starting to feel the stress of moving. I look around and see that even though our spare room is already full of packed boxes, we haven't even scratched the surface yet. Moving is a big deal, and I am insistant that since we will not be moving again for a long time, we purge all things we haven't used/didn't know we had/thought we'd use it more from our belongings. There will be many, many garbage bags taken from the apartment so we don't have to drag the stuff with us to our house.

Let May long begin... with this box beside my feet. Happy weekend everyone!