Monday, May 11, 2009

Motorcycle Course Results

It's been one hell of a few days. I've been sick, I've missed my workouts and my eating habits are all out the window. Hopefully one more day of rest will improve things and I'll be back to normal again.

This past weekend was my motorcycle course. Friday night was the classroom portion, Saturday and Sunday were practical, ie actually riding. Friday was good. Learned a lot of useful information and it's actually made me more aware as a vehicle driver to look out for motorbikes more carefully. We watched a few videos that sure wake you up in a hurry. Saturday and Sunday were fun, but I just didn't have the confidence on the bikes. I'm really hard on myself, so when I don't get a skill right aways, I get discouraged. I had a rough day Saturday amongst all the fun. I didn't feel like I was getting anything right, so that was hard. Sunday morning I felt much better and I was able to do the things I couldn't Saturday. My instructor had some concerns so I didn't get to go on the road-ride (we take the bikes out on the road). I was ok with that. She said I need more confidence, and needed to trust the bike more.

The end results: I need to take the Sunday class over again to get more comfortable and get some more confidence. Then I'll be able to take my test, which is on the road now, rather than on the lot like last year. I had a fun weekend all in all, just a little disappointing I couldn't pull it together.

Movie review: Sunday night my boyfriend and I met another couple at "Star Trek". Fantastic show! I didn't watch the tv series very often, and I've never seen any of the original movies, but I enjoyed this show thoroughly. It was funny, it was intense, and it had a good plot. The special effects were pretty good too.