Friday, January 8, 2010

3/25: Still Alice

My sister had read this and said it was good. I needed a book for the WBC that was about someone living with an illness. A book about alzheimers never struck me as something I would read, but this was a powerful book that I will remember for years to come.

Still AliceLisa Genova is a genius in her writing of this book. Alice is a 48 year old woman who is diagnosed with early-onset alzheimers disease. The book journey's through the diagnosis, the denial, the early signs, and through the few years it takes the disease to fully develop.  The book goes through not only Alice's feelings, but also through those of her family and collegues.
What struck me most about this book was that it was told from Alice's point of view. I had to read several pages again, because there were repeated conversations, but when you start to realize that's because she can't remember having it before, you're heart-strings pull.
The hardest part of reading this book was not the parts of life that Alice forgot, but the parts she KNEW she would forget. The part I will forever remember is when she tells her daughter if she (Alice) doesn't recognize her (daughter) tomorrow, that she loves her.

A fantastic read!