Tuesday, January 26, 2010

6/25: Dead in the Water - Stuart Woods

I picked this book for the 5 point task of "read a book by your favorite author."

Dead in the Water: A Novel (Stone Barrington)"Dead in the Water" is the 3rd Stone Barrington book in the ever expanding series. I believe there are currently 17 books that are a "Stone Barrington Novel".  I love his character. Stuart Woods takes a man, strips his job, his girl(s) and puts him in unpredictable law scenarios. His police background really gives him the upperhand when it comes to representing a client.

In Dead in the Water, he is vacationing in St. Marks, awaiting the arrival of his live-in girlfriend. Aside from the girlfriend not coming because of weather in New York, Stone finds himself representing a widow being tried for the murder of her husband. She sailed into port without her husband, after sailing from another island with him. In St. Marks, there is a capital punishement for murder, and it's a completely different legal system from that in North America. Stone finds himself trying to save the woman, representing her in a place where he feels out of place in the courtroom, not something he's used to.

I liked the story, I liked the characters. I did find Allison (the widow) a little transparent. A great quick read, and one that transitions nicely into the 4th book "Swimming to Catalina", which is next on the list of to-read.