Monday, January 18, 2010

5/25: The Lost Symbol

Another Dan Brown novel with Robert Langdon.

The Lost Symbol (Robert Langdon, No. 3)This one follows after "The Da Vinci Code". Set in Washington, Robert is trying to save his friend, and solve a mystery. The main focus is on the Ancient Mysteries that is a secret protected by the Masons.
I found the book slow to get into. I loved the chapters that were about Robert, but found the ones about Kathrine boring. After about page 100, the action got started, and continued almost to the end. Dan Brown wrote about Robert in the same fashion as the other books. Robert was chasing clues, figuring the mystery out, and giving insight to ancient secrets.  After the excitment ended, I found it very hard to finish the rest of the book. I believe it was because I was so tired from travelling all day and not the book itself.

I gave this one 4 stars