Sunday, January 31, 2010

Movie Review (1): Book of Eli

My FI and I have tried twice to see this movie. Everytime we went, the parking lot was so full we couldn't find a spot to park. Friday we decided we'd go to a matinee. The lobby was busy with kids, but they were all going to a different show. When we got to the theatre our movie was in, there was 4 other people.
On with the review:
Very disappointing.  The story had lots of potential. Denzel's character has the only Bible left in the world, and is on his way West to find a place that is worthy of it's power. The previews looked promising for action. there was lots, but it somehow just seemed all fake to me. The world is in shambles (which they never really explained why) and somehow this one town has water, food, gasoline, booze, and lots of guns. I guess I was expecting more. I thought perhaps it would follow him farther than just through one town. His cross-country walk seemed to have been going on long before the movie began.
We used free tickets to go see this show, and I wish I hadn't. This is just my opinion. The ratings for the show were high, and I've read another blogger who gave this movie a great review.