Sunday, January 17, 2010

Back to Reality

I'm back from vacation.
It was wonderful! I had such a great time visiting Fi's nephew, brother and sister-in-law.
Recap of the vacation:
The Flights
We arrived late evening and found no luggage at the airport. With such a short gap between flights, we just made it, but our luggage didn't. We got it the next day so it wasn't too bad. No problems on the flight home at all. I was very happy to not be too overly stressed while travelling.

The Weather
The weather was pretty well overcast for the majority of the trip. We got a couple hours sun each day, but then it would cloud over and we'd head inside. We had good sun the last few days we were there.

The Diving
We did manage to get 3 wonderful dives in.
First was a shore dive. We swam from shore, out to a reef and dove around for 45 minutes. Felt great to get back down there. We saw a turtle this dive. So majestic. Also saw a school of Tarpin. They are bright silver and very large fish. Amazing to see them all in the light.
The other two dives were off a boat. First one was down 80 - 100 ft down. We saw two amazing Puffer Fish swim by. They weren't puffed out, but had to have been at least 3 - 4 feet long and 1 foot wide. They have these flat square faces that are so cute. Second one was shallower at around 50 ft. This was a cool dive because the reef created these little road ways through it. You could swim in between the coral and see all the neat things on the sides.
We went snorkelling on our last day. The fish at Cemetery Beach are used to being fed by snorkellers. Even if you don't take food out, they will swim towards you in large numbers. It's a little daunting the first time you go, but amazing once you're used to it. This particular reef has a lot of sea urchins with large spikes. They look very neat coming out from the cracks. We had been to this reef on our last trip down, and found the cute little blue fish with white dots again. They are really tiny, but so beautiful. I could watch those particular ones swim for a long time.

Rum Point
We went out to Rum Point for an afternoon one day. We hung out on the beach chairs reading, drinking pinacoladas, and just waiting for the evening. We went for a night kayak out to what they call Bio Bay. The water in this bay contains these little organisms that when you agitate the water, light up. Everytime we put our paddles in the water it created a bright blue trail.

We went to visit FI's Brother, Sister-inlaw and their beautiful 3.5 month old son. He is quite the little guy. Happy, smiley, and didn't fuss too much other than one bad day. He managed to roll over once on his own. The next time we see them will be this summer. Nephew will be 9.5 months old by then!

The trip was successful. I had a great time, was very relaxed and managed to read a lot.