Friday, January 7, 2011

Fitness Friday: P90x Week 5

Christmas always throws a wrench into working out. There's tons of family, travel and food. Unless you're me, then there is travel, family and the flu!

I missed a lot of week 3 of the P90x due to a terrible head cold I had going on. I was going on 4 weeks with it and it finally did me in. I missed working out, but my body was more inclined to cough, sputter and lay on the couch than to lift some weights or jump around. I listened to my body and took week 3 off. The tail end of week 3 coincided with Christmas. I, lucky me, had the flu for Christmas day and Boxing day. So Week 3 was pretty much a wash. I must say I'm very proud of Frenchie for bringing the DVD's to his parents and actually finishing out week 3 over the holidays.

Week 4 should have occured right after Christmas, but do to travel, we postponed starting it a few nights. We also condensed it once we did do it. We skipped the yoga sessions and the extra rest day since we had extra rest during traveling.

So, after all that, here we are at the start of week 5.
I am teaching Wednesdays and Thursdays so Frenchie has graciously switched Yoga and Kenpo in the week 5 layout so that I only miss the first workout of the week and Yoga. I'm still working out by teaching one night and having my own dance class the next. (I guess the true P90x lovers would argue I'm not truly doing the entire program, but this is what works for us.)

How is your fitness program going? Are you reaching your goals?