Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Details Details

It's been a while since anything has happened with wedding planning. Things are starting to move along now, and as they should! We are 5.5 months out!!!
Here are all the things since my last check in.
  • Dress is picked up and safely at my parents house. I tried it on again over Christmas when we were there.
  • Honeymoon is officially booked.
  • Room for wedding night is booked (Thanks Frenchie!!!)
  • Edmonton Bridal Shower/Stagette is organized (Thanks sis!!)
  • Rehearsal dinner is decided on. BBQ-ing since there are so many of us. Only bridal party and spouses/children and we're over 20 people. We both have such big families.
  • Card box purchased
  • Cake Table decorations done
  • head table decorations done
  • I've decided to cancel my makeup artist and get everything done at a salon. It will be so much easier, and there's no "I hope they show up on time" thoughts that day. We'll go somewhere else, get it done, and they'll be responsible for making sure someone is actually there. I feel so much better about this, but I hate canceling things on people. It makes me feel like a horrible person
 Here are the things next up on the list.
  • Invitations finalized and ordered
  • Discuss rehearsal with priest. They usually do them Thursday nights, but all my wedding party is travelling that day and won't be here yet.
  • Cancel hall rental for the night before the wedding. We don't need it anymore
  • Get a hold of ceremony musicians and talk about things.
  • Get Frenchie to sit down and really go through the readings for the ceremony
  • Make meeting with the priest to discuss ceremony readings and music
  • Photoshoot for Frenchie's wedding gift :)
  • Start looking at veils and headpieces
I feel like now we're on the homestretch. It feels like since 2011 hit, everything is going to be a whirlwind from here on out. All those things we had to wait to do because it was too early, or we didn't have what we needed are all going to start happening.

My sister asked me last night what I'm going to do when the wedding is over. I never really thought about it since it's such a big part of our life right now. I couldn't think of anything. I just thought how nice it will be when everything is completely finished and it's all done and we're married. Living husband and wife. I think I'll relish those thoughts before jumping into anything else. (although secretly I'd love to join the church choir...)