Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Check-in January 12

I think it's coming time that things are happening weekly and I will be able to do a check-in every week.

Here's what's been done since last post:
  • Salon booked for hair and makeup for the bridesmaids and I
  • Invitations finalized and ordered
  • Rehearsal booked for Friday
  • Rehearsal dinner decided on - BBQ! Still not sure if it's at our house or the house Frenchie's parents are renting
  • Bridesmaid dresses are on their way! (I'm tracking them via UPS)
I know a lot of this list will be repeated, so I'll try to only put what I think I will get to.
  • Cancel hall rental for the night before the wedding. We don't need it anymore
  • Get a hold of ceremony musicians and talk about things.
  • Get Frenchie to sit down and really go through the readings for the ceremony
  • Photoshoot for Frenchie's wedding gift :)
I'm so happy to be going to a salon now for my hair and makeup. It makes more sense. I'm even happier that it's only 3 minutes by car from the hotel! And, the best part? The Starbucks right beside it opens at 7am and my appointment starts at 8am. WIN!

I'm also excited for my photoshoot this weekend. I went and got a Mystic tan last night that should last until Saturday. I'm getting a boudoir shoot done (second one ever, and they are a blast!) with our wedding photographer. I'm also taking my stage with me and doing a pole shoot as well. Super excited to get photos of some awesome moves.