Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: January 19 Check-in

As of yesterday, we are 5 months out!! I'm starting to freak out a little bit. There seems to be more than I'm seeing. Thankfully, Frenchie called today and asked for a list of things that are important to get done soon. I love that he offers to help.
There's a few outstanding things we need to take care of. And as always, things got done that weren't even on my radar! 

What was accomplished:
  • Bridesmaid dresses arrived Friday. My one sister has tried hers on and it fits! I'll be sending my other sisters dress with my mom & dad since they live closer to her. My Maid of Honour will be picking hers up in February.
  • Bridesmaid gifts are ordered! (can't tell you what they are)
  • Photoshoot for Frenchie's wedding gift :) I spent 4 hours with the photographer. We were having so much fun neither of us realized how long it had been. The pole photos seemed to have turned out well. I won't get them back for a while.
  • Completed the registry at one of our locations.
  • Picture frame for guest "book" purchased
  • Rocks for centerpieces purchased

What needs to be done:
  • Cancel hall rental for the night before the wedding. We don't need it anymore.
  • Make appointment to meet with ceremony musician.
  • Look at tuxes with Frenchie
  • Look at veils (figure I can do this while Frenchie is trying tuxes on.
  • Get Frenchie to sit down and really go through the readings for the ceremony