Friday, January 21, 2011

Fitness Friday: P90x Week 6

Frenchie and I are almost done week 6. We're halfway there!!

We are into a new set of the lifting dvd's. I'm liking these so much more than the first 3rd of the P90X. They are more my style. Perhaps it's because I was sick for several weeks and couldn't push myself as hard as I would have liked, but the first 5 weeks didn't seem to do much for me. My 30 day photo says otherwise, and so do a few pairs of pants. (I'll post pics at the end of the whole 12 weeks.)We forgot to measure, so hopefully do that this weekend to see if there are any inch changes.

I'm noticing that my abs are getting more defined. (yah almost 6 pack!) My butt is a little firmer so less jiggling up the stairs, which is my biggest pet peeve about my body. I feel like I'm getting stronger. Lifting myself at pole class is getting much easier.

I finally convinced Frenchie that we needed to remedy listening to Tony talk through the entire dvd's. I brought a portable speaker down to the basement, made a playlist and we now only play the cues on the dvd. Heaven!

I feel like I should also give a pole update since it's been a while.

I'm still taking classes.I have more off days now than good days. It's all related to my wrist. I'm having issues again with it. Certainly makes it difficult to do some of the advanced moves when I can't support myself with my wrists.

I'm teaching 3 intro classes at the moment. We had a deal on a 4 week intro class and it generated a lot of interest. I've had a blast teaching the newbies. There are always a few that get it very easily, and then a few that don't. I find the first class is always tough. Everyone is so quiet and nervous and I try so hard to get them to laugh, or even crack a smile. After I get a giggle they warm up and start to have some fun. I <3 newbies!!