Thursday, January 31, 2013

January 2013

Highlights of the Month

Cancun, Mexico Wedding
Dreams Cancun Resort & Spa
Frenchie and I
Last Brother-In-Law gets married!!
Congratulations Robyn and Marc!
Photo by: Dean Sanderson Weddings
Their wedding was so low key and beautiful. Had an amazing time with family and friends. Meeting up at a resort is definitely the best family reunion I can think of. We will be heading to their current home this weekend for the wedding reception to celebrate with everyone who wasn't at the wedding in Mexico. Should be a fun event!

I did a lot of soul-searching this month and I believe 2013 will be a year of doing. 
Life is too short to be unhappy. 
You're never too old to make changes. 
Spend time on the things that make you happy.
There is so much in store for us this year.

I had originally planned on reading 40 books again this year. I have to revise it to 30 in 2013. A few of the things I have up my sleeve for this year will cut into my reading time greatly. While they are still books, they are of the textbook variety.

Book Recap

You have read 3 books toward your goal of 30 books.
Great work, you're 1 book (2%) ahead of schedule.

What I Read
2 Stars - review here

3 Stars - review here

Shadows (Dark Touch, #1) by Amy Meredith 
2 Stars - review here

What I'm Currently Reading

Monthly Book Spending:
My plan this year is to try and use the library, borrow from friends/family and read what I already have on my shelf. There are currently 48 books on my physical to-read shelf. I've run out of room to put new ones so they old ones must be read!
Spent: $16.99
Saved: $16.97