Wednesday, November 25, 2009

2 more photographer viewings

We've already met with 3 photographers and ranked them according to our preferences for style and price. This week we see the last 2 that were on our list of 5 to go meet with.  Tuesday and Friday are the days we'll go. I'm looking forward to going and seeing what they have to offer.  We have a basic idea, but there are always more questions to ask in person, and being able to see their finished products is a great way to help make decisions.
Out of the 3 we've already seen, we have one in mind we both like. The rest of the meetings have basically been a comparison to that one.
Once we're done meeting and deciding on a photographer, we'll pretty well be done any planning until after January.  There will be little things we can think about, and research that can be done online, but there won't be any meetings until after January.
That's one perk of having a long engagement. Everything can be spread out and we can take our time. I enjoy having the time in between planning bits to actually have a life. Wedding stuff doesn't take over everything. it's secondary now, and that's a good thing.