Monday, November 30, 2009

Break Dancing... Yep you read that right.

Friday night my FI and I started our 4 week Break Dance session. We were half an hour late because of the crappy weather (more on this later), so that wasn't a great start. There's only 3 of us in the class, so on a good note, they waited for us before starting.
Our instructor is awesome. He's so mellow and fun! We learned a bunch of 'top rock' moves (basically floor work) and a one stab (stall I guess is another word for it) We did things across the floor to practice them. Super fun since that's how I remember learning things in dance years ago. We practiced things slowly and then sped them up. Once we had a few moves, he put together a combination that we'll be adding onto each week. I love it! Definately need to practice though.

Now, the crappy weather. Freezing rain/snow from early Friday afternoon well into the night. My regular 10 - 15 minute drive to the dance studio took an hour. We went the equivalent of 2 blocks in 20 minutes. We thought we'd take a shortcut to the spot I always park in and avoid some traffic. Little did I know... the short cut involved a large hill (this didn't show on google maps sadly) that we couldn't get up. Eventually we parked at the bottom of this giant hill, walked the 6 blocks to the studio and hoped we would be able to get out of our prediciment after class.  We found a less steep hill and made it out that way, but what a nightmare! There are some people saying it took them 5 hours to go what is normally an hour drive about mid evening.
Thank goodness everyone we know was ok and made it to wherever they were going. I'd rather have 4 feet of snow, that an inch of ice.