Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Photographer Meetings

We are now into meeting with photographers. In the city, that's the next thing one should book since they are very busy.

We met with As I See It Photography last night. They showed us some slideshows with different amounts of coverage (with/without reception) of two entire weddings.  It's one thing to see all the photos online, since those are normally the best ones. It's another to see a wedding from start to finish.  It certainly gave us a jumping off point. A benchmark for the rest of our meetings for sure.

I think one of the biggest things we will find is how well we get along with the photographers and how comfortable we are.  FI and I felt comfortable in our meeting last night. We also had a lot of questions answered. What does the album look like? There were 4 examples for us when we got there. What sorts of prints? Those were there too.

It was great to have everything answered and give us a point where we can start doing comparisons and make a good choice. I'm excited for the rest of our meetings. Four more this month and then I believe we'll be able to make a decision.