Sunday, November 15, 2009

Performance Success

Friday night I was onstage for Polejunkies performing the level 6 routine. Originally I was supposed to perform it along side another student. When I arrived at the show, there was only one stage, so all my fretting about getting all the moves down was not needed. Ended up peforming the routine by myself.

I was so nervous before getting up there. Not because there were people watching, I've done that before through years of dance. More because I didn't want to mess up. I wanted to show the level 6 routine off as best I could to bring in more students for the studio. I wanted to entice people to come and learn pole dancing and show it as fitness.

I had to improvise a little as I forgot to do a transition here or there. I also found I did a lot of the moves too fast and got ahead of the music.  Thank goodness I've done performances where I've winged the whole thing.  I can think of my feet while I'm up there. Very handy.

After getting over the first performance, I will hopefully do this again next year when the show comes around. I'll make sure to get more practice time and prepare a little better though. Lessons learned :D