Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Last Level 6 class

Last night was my last class of level 6 pole. I now know the entire routine and can do it. I've even managed to put it to songs other than the one we learned it to. I learned a few new moves, and learned a few new combinations that I can use in other routines. It was really nice to have a class where we learn to put things together that we learned in previous levels.  Up next?

Friday I start break dance class with my fiance. It's 4 weeks and should be a blast.  I think we'll have a great time laughing and having fun. I like that it's something we can do together.

Next Monday, I start level 7 pole. It's an awesome format since we do 3 weeks before Christmas, break for 2 weeks, and then have 3 weeks in January. Makes it easy for everyone to take class and still have a holiday.

So I'm advancing, getting stronger and loving every minute! Pole is so wonderful for the mind and body. It certainly is a nice pick me up.