Thursday, October 14, 2010

Can almost smell that new car smell

Frenchie and I have known we need to buy an SUV sometime in the next 8 months. The lease on my our car is up next June. Since we'll be getting married around that time we need to buy the new vehicle before hand. (Not to mention how handy an SUV will be around the time we're running around for wedding stuff.) We've also noticed that my km are getting pretty close to the point where we will be over if we don't start limiting the amount we drive our car.

We've done two days of test driving after doing a lot of research and narrowing the field down. We're looking for a mid-sized SUV that we can haul (not all at once): luggage, our dog, hockey equipment and maybe someday, some kids. (I want to use the word teacup-humans from True Blood because I miss the show already)

 We narrowed the search down to:
Mitsubishi Outlander
Ford Edge
Hyundai Santa Fe

After test driving all 3 of those vehicles, as well as a Mazda CX-7, we've decided to go with a Hyundai Santa Fe. We can get an awesome deal on a 2010 model with low kilometres well within our price range.
Still unsure when we will be purchasing, but it's nice to know we've made a decision!!
Frenchie is very much a "find the best deal" kind of guy, so we'll be hunting around the city for a month or so to find the best deal.

Hyundai Santa Fe

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