Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wedding Wednesday: Flowers

I'm not much of a flower person. The best I can do is go to the grocery store and pick out a bouquet already put together for on average $15. I can't even keep flowers alive in my house, or any plant for that matter. I think most brides have one thing they don't really care to do. Flowers is my thing. I was not excited to go and look at florists at all. It's the last vendor we need to book and I wasn't looking forward to going at all. I was pleasantly surprised how well the meetings went and how painless they were.

Given that I have no idea what flowers and colors look good together, and Frenchie isn't much help either (he's a guy, so no surprise lol) We met with one florist Saturday morning. She was really informative and helped us decide on a lot of things. We've narrowed it down to Gerbera daisies. Yellow, pink and white.
What we decided at the first florist, we took with us to the second Saturday afternoon. We should have those two quotes back sometime this week.

We have one more meeting Thursday. I'm hoping by the end of next week we should have a florist booked!