Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Infamous Religion Quiz

I found this quiz on a fellow bloggers site: Sugar & Spice
It's 32 questions long, Take it and see how you do. Here's the link.

After reading her post, I had to take the quiz and see for myself. In her post, she doesn't seem to think too highly of Catholics, and as a Catholic myself, I wanted to see how I stood up to her thoughts.
I got 26/32. Not too bad and pretty close to her score of 29/32. I'm also Canadian, so the ones I did get wrong were based on the US school system. I wouldn't know those, so I based them on our Canadian school system, which seems to be different from the US. I got a few others wrong, mostly on the Mormon religion. Sadly I can't say that I know any Mormons. There doesn't seem to be a huge community of them where I live. Not an excuse, just a part of my upbringing.

*jumps on soapbox*
People who make a point to learn about other religions aren't always atheists or agnostics. I made a point in university to take religion courses that explored religions from around the world. Canada is a melting pot of people and at any given time, you'll be in a place with a multitude of belief systems. I personally embrace diversity because I feel like we can really learn from each other. There's also a sense of respect. You'll be better able to respect the people you are friends with, work with, commute with if you understand where they are coming from.
*gets off soapbox
I'm not one to usually take a stand, but religion is a such a sore point to people. No matter what yours is, it's your belief system. People might think you're crazy, and some people might agree with you. Whatever it is, it's yours. Believe in what you believe in!
I know first hand how hard it is to get people to understand your beliefs. After a while, you just say it's not worth it, and go on with your life. I converted to be a Catholic and it was difficult. People always asked me why. Is it because you want to get married in the Church? Well no, I wasn't engaged when I was converting. And for the record, you can get married in the Church if one of you in the relationship isn't Catholic. I converted because I wanted to. I did my research, I went to various other religious establishments. the Catholic church felt like home to me.