Tuesday, October 19, 2010

We're grown ups now!

Frenchie and I bought our first car together. As I explained in my previous car shopping post, we have been looking for an SUV. We had decided to get a Hyundai Santa Fe. Last week after we made the decision, Frenchie phoned around to find places we could go to test drive ones in our price range.
Last night we went and test drove a few. Or I should say we tried to test drive. The first place we went, we had an appointment at. The salesmans manager ended up taking the one we wanted to drive home for the evening. We made an appointment to go back Thursday and see him again.

We then headed to the dealership right across the road. We had been there before and knew they had the right model and price. The SUV was in the shop for warranty repair. That’s a big red flag so we left.

After leaving that place, we went to the North end of the city where there was two listed on the website. They had sold one already, and the other one the Used Car Manager drove home. See a theme here? The guy at this place was adamant that we test drive the 2008 model. It was in our price range and he flat out told us he doesn’t negotiate on the 2010’s.  We test drove the 2008, and I was definitely looking for the bad in it. We realized it doesn’t have an iPod jack and I wasn’t having any of that. The salesman was adamant that it did have one. I may be blond, and a young woman, but I’m not stupid. I’m also a geek, so trust me, I know what a freaking iPod jack looks like. I told the salesman that I really need to think about it. He told us the 2010 model we wanted to test drive will be back the next day.

During our test drive with the above salesman, I Googled (I was the passenger) for another Hyundai dealership in the south area of the city. Found one not far from our house that had 1 Santa Fe. I called and said we’d be there in 20 minutes to test drive it. We met with Dave and had a good chat. Then we test drove. Then I zoned out for the rest of it since it was negotiation time. Frenchie typically handles all that, so I just sat and look unimpressed knowing the price wasn't within our budget yet. We bargained back and forth and got a pretty good deal. (If it wasn’t, I wouldn’t be writing this post.)

Saturday we go and pick it up. They will be detailing and fixing up any scratches and such that were on the vehicle. The SUV is basically brand new. No more than a year worth of kilometers.

I’m so excited!!! I’ll post pictures of us picking it up and when we get it home.