Friday, October 15, 2010

Fitness Friday: Bittersweet

I got my new schedule for assisting dance classes. It's bittersweet.

Currently I assist a level 1, Advanced, and level 5 class on Thursday nights. I love the advanced class because it's a learning experience for everyone, including the instructors. I will be very sad (bitter) to leave these students since I know them fairly well and have become friends with several of them.

Next session, I will be instructing two level 1 classes on Wednesday nights. I do like level 1 classes because they students are all new and you get to see them develop and learn every week until they finally reach the end and either continue on with level 2, or move on to something else (this makes me sad) I was informed by the office manager that I will be assisting for the next two session in the classes I will take over and instruct come January.
Although I am sad to be leaving the advanced students, I am excited (sweet) that I am being seen as capable to teach newbies. Over the next two sessions I will learn all the cues to teach the class and get more experience.

The other bittersweet part about this whole thing is that my own pole class was cancelled Tuesdays. I was sad about that since the only other advanced class was on Thursdays and I was assisting in the class. I was unable to take the class as a student, which was leaving me without. With moving to assist on Wednesdays, I will be able to go and take the advanced class on Thursdays!

I won't be signing up for classes this next session though. I need to take a break and figure out if it's worth going back. If I don't take classes I need to get my butt in gear and do things on my own or start a few pole jams with people on the weekends. I find I learn better, now that I've hit a plateau, just getting together with friends and playing around. You challenge each other and it really spurs on some creativity.