Friday, October 29, 2010

Fitness Friday: Lady Spartacus

Frenchie and I are both needing to workout. We're not overweight, just not our ideal body proportions. For me personally, I've learned the number doesn't matter. It's the proportions and where things are positioned. Let's just say, over the last few months, my body has redistributed what it's got in places I don't want it to be. (think south of the navel)
Frenchie has been trying to get to his 'number' and was there until we went up north for work. When you live on a camp for 6 months and work 14 - 16 hour days, there's no time to workout, and the food isn't exactly healthy.
Exhibit A
Frenchie did the P90X last year and lost 25 lbs on it. I suggested he do that one again, but it just wasn't speaking to him. Working out is like that. Once you do something once, you need to change it up. Fast forward to this week. I found him the Spartacus Workout from Men's Health magazine. If anyone has watched the TV show "Spartacus: Blood and Sand"  you'll know how buff the men are on it. See Exhibit A... (feel free to zoom in ;) )

I found the same workout, adjusted for women. It's called the Lady Spartacus. It was developed by a kettlebell trainer named Estella Hom. They are the exact same format as each other, so working out together is really easy.

60 seconds per exercise
15 second break
2 min rest after circuit
Repeat two times. (3 times in all)

I don't have kettlebells so I used weights instead. It seems to work just as well. I also have some wrist issues (still scared of hurting it again) and opted for a pole crunch exercise over the side plank. I can't handle the pressure on my forearms.

Frenchie and I only managed to do the circuit twice on the first night (Tuesday). We also rested more than 15 seconds between each exercise. In all fairness, you do as much as you can properly and don't push it. Especially not on the first night.

I'm really excited about this workout for a lot of reasons.
1. We get to do the workouts together. (hooray together time!)
2. We both get exercise which makes us both happy (hooray endorphins!)
3. Frenchie will be super buff for the wedding (hooray sexy, buff hubby on the honeymoon!) He's already sexy, but I do know he feels better about himself and no amount of 'you look hot huney' will make him feel better before he feels it himself.
4. I'll be super buff for the wedding and fit into my dress (there's no danger, but still...)
5. It will improve my cardio and my strength which are all positives in the pole world