Friday, November 12, 2010

Fitness Friday: Naughty or Nice?

This weekend is the Taboo Naughty but Nice Sex Show. Every year for 4 days at one of the convention centres in town, this show is held. It's mostly full of toys, clothes, vendors and a few things I care to never know about.

Frenchie and I go every year to walk around. I don't think we've ever actually bought anything, but it's fun to walk around, giggle at a few things, get weirded out by others and not even bother to ask what some things are. (there's a point where you really don't want to know)
Since I've started dancing at PoleJunkies, I've started going to Taboo and working at the PoleJunkies booth. The first year I went, handed out cards and explained to people what we offer for classes. We have a pole set up at the booth and do demos for people and allow them to try a few things. They are always amazed and go away with a different view of what we do. (Other times you get closed minded people at the most open-minded event in the city)

Last year, I was asked by the owner of PJ’s to perform the level 6 routine on the main stage. I hadn’t performed a dance routine on stage in so long I jumped at the chance. (I used to be in competitive dance for 13 years) I was incredibly nervous right before going on stage. I ended up forgetting parts of the routine and improvising, and the video camera we had to record my routine had a low battery and died 10 seconds in. So the first performance didn’t go so well.

This year, I’m performing again. This time I’m much more prepared. I am doing a solo, which I’ve choreographed myself, and a duet that Cruella Steel and I put together. I feel fairly confident with my solo. I know I can do all the moves that are in it, it’s just remembering the transitional parts. At least I know I can improvise those parts and no will know ;)

I will be doing my solo once Friday night, and twice Saturday night. Our duet will be twice on Saturday night.
I am hoping I can get video of them this time around and I’ll post it up next week.