Thursday, November 18, 2010

Wedding Wednesday: Another Milestone

Yes you see that correctly. 7 MONTHS!!!!!

I forgot to post my Wedding Wednesday yesterday, but it seems more fitting to do it today anyways.

Since my last update, here’s what we’ve accomplished.

Save the Dates are sent! Some people have even let us know they received them which is nice. A friend of mine called to say how beautiful they are and asked if our photographer did them as they look professionally done. This made me smile so much. My sister is doing all or paper products for the wedding through her company Little Daisy Designs. She was thrilled that someone liked her work and said it was professional quality.

Flowers have been decided on. Deposit has been sent. We found a wonderful florist that is 40% cheaper than the second one we met with. It’s a huge price difference, so for being on a budget, works fantastic!

Caterer deposit sent and received! We can eat!

Cake tasting completed (It was so yummy!). My friend is going to be making it for $100. A far cry from the $450 the bakery wanted.

Bridesmaid dresses are ordered and should arrive in February. I can’t wait to see my girls in their pretty dresses!

We’ve picked our honeymoon. It’s a secret so you’ll have to wait until we get back to find out about it. We’re just need to find a good price and we’ll have it booked. We have a travel agent doing the back work for us, so that shouldn’t be a problem to find a deal. I’m also obsessed with finding a good deal so I check the sites daily.

We booked a Day/Month of Coordinator! My sister won a gift certificate for an event planner and she let her transfer the gift certificate over to me. Now we have a wedding planner for the month/day of. I’m super excited. She will decorate for us, make sure all our vendors are on time, deal with anything that’s amiss, and generally just take care of the day for us. I’m so thrilled that we have this. Frenchie said it’s worth it if it makes me less stressed that month. He’s a smart man!

Next on the list:

Book the honeymoon
Order invitations
Phone about my dress… again. I know I’m being paranoid and it will come. I still have 7 months and technically the wait for a wedding dress is 6 months. It’s only been 5.
Book wedding night hotel room. Far away and secret from all guests.
Get together with friend to brainstorm about stagette. She has asked to do one here in Calgary, while my sister is doing one in Edmonton for me. Very exciting!! I have to get them in touch with each other so they don’t plan exactly the same thing.

Since Christmas is coming fast, we won’t be doing a whole lot before December 25th, so that’s pretty good for the next month and a bit.
I got a text last night from my old university roommate saying she’s super excited to come for the wedding. She said it will be like a giant reunion of the university crew. I’m inviting a lot of the girls we hung out with and were very close with so I’m ecstatic about that part.

I love that other people are as excited as I am!