Friday, March 25, 2011

Fitness Friday: New and Exciting

The Knot

No not the wedding website, but my new move I've learned! It does still need some work, but I got it. I saw it on wikipole and decided that it probably didn't require a whole lot of wrist. That's a good thing for me since I have problems with mine.
I am also going to be teaching my very first workshop the first week of April. I will be teaching a Spin Combo workshop at Polejunkies Calgary. I'm so excited! Teaching classes with an outline of moves for a routine is great. It's structured and I love that. A workshop like this isn't structured. I get to use some creativity and decide what spins to do basd on the class and their ability. I really hope it runs! (no one signed up yet :( )

Last night I tried an aerial yoga class. I'm not a regular yoga person (I believe Ashtanga is the only kind I've ever done since that's what was offered) I dislike holding a pose for more than a minute and I don't find that relaxing. In fact, it does the opposite for me and stresses me out and causes anxiety. No joke. My other reason for disliking yoga is that face that doing downward dog actually hurts my wrists. I come out of a class after doing however many downward dogs (I swear this is the only my instructors like and they make you do it over and over) and have pain through my forearms and wrists for the next day.
Why then did I willingly go to an aerial yoga class? I love having my feel off the floor and being in the air and the silk hammock looks super comfortable! So I went last night. I am in love!
  • It didn't hurt my wrists (big points right there)
  • It was relaxing (great for the end of the week)
  • I got to invert
  • I got a workout!
The class I took was for instruction and to get a feel for how it works and how we run the class at our studio. I'm going to assist next week (hopefully, as long as people sign up). I will definitely be signing up to take the class if I don't end up teaching it. I may finally get some flexibility and much needed relaxation.

(forgot to take pics but here is a youtube video)
I did several of these last night in my class.