Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: March 9 Check-in

Things are slowing done. There aren't a lot of things left. A few things each week get knocked off the list. The list for March looks long and tedious.

Have you seen my Wedding Nightmares page? As the days get less and less, I fear the dreams will become more frequent. For a good laugh and "what is wrong with this chick?" Have a read. I'll update it as the dreams/nightmares come.

What was accomplished:
  • Made chair sashes - I ran out of tulle so the head table will be the only ones with sashes
  • Appointment set for next week to discuss readings and music selections with Father Andrew
  • Laid out preliminary ceremony program
  • Booked Videographer - A family friend will be doing it. He did both of my sisters weddings as well
  • Boxed up all the decorations in their bins and labeled
  • All the tongue depressors are painted that we'll use for our ceremony programs (paddle fans)
What needs to be done in March: (Red means task has been on there long enough......according to me)
  • Call out-of-country groomsman and tell him the measurements he needs to send us
  • Email groomsmen and remind them to get measurements done.
  • Stamp, address, assemble invitations
  • Look for under the dress things
  • Get correct spellings of family memebers on Frenchie's side.
  • Decide on what kind of bustle I want on my dress - First fitting this weekend!!
  • Pick up Frenchie's wedding present ;)
  • Send invitations
  • Ask family to do special readings and roles for the wedding
  • Complete ceremony program and print
  • Ask Frenchie's hockey team about bartending
  • Decide what to buy as groomsmen gifts
  • Finalize reception music
  • Write out directions for decorations (where, how)