Friday, March 18, 2011

Fitness Friday: The things men do for us

With all the wedding planning and decorations that needed to be made and general business, I took down my pole stage. Now that almost all the wedding decorations are completed, I have retired my crafting supplies and can finally set my stage back up.
Before wedding planning chaos hit our house, the stage was set up and the dining room table was moved to be infront of my book shelf. (Gasp! I know...) I was unable to comfortably get to my books and even though I'm small, it was a tight sqeeze to ponder what to read next and put read books in their place.
Frenchie has been asking if I'm putting the pole back up. I made a deal with him. We have to move more furniture around so I can get to my books.
What resulted:
  • Loveseat moved from front room to living room (legs removed and put back on to fit it through doorway)
  • Armchair moved living room to front room (legs removed and put back on to fit it through doorway)
  • Table moved so there is space around it
  • Pole set up
  • AND the roomba went to town on the carpet where all the furniture was. 
The things my man will do for me.
In other news related to fitness... I have awful flexibility. There's nothing like having a new student come to class to make you feel bad about yourself and your abilities. I am not an amazing dancer. Far from it. I don't put enough effort in to get better. I don't stretch enough to improve.
We had a new student come to class who is great and flexy and I feel awful and self-concious about myself. I am the least competitive person I know and when someone makes me feel self-concious, I tend to give up. I don't have that drive to "be the best".