Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: March 30 Check-in

There was a major list of things we needed to get done in March. I haven't posted them all here as that would be overwhelming and unnecessary. A lot of them are all smaller tasks needing to be done for a larger task.
All of that has now shifted to April. I believe that Frenchie is starting to see how many little things we still have left to do. They are all just a phone call or email away to completion, but for some reason, never seem to get done.

Next week I'll have a new set of "needs to be done" to share.

What was accomplished:
  • Get quotes for alcohol
  • Decide what to buy as groomsmen gifts and ordered
  • Booked pre-wedding massage/spa for Frenchie and I
  • Got my dad to sign the Free to marry form required by the Catholic church
  • Emailed caterer and one bartending company about prices
What needs to be done in March: 
  • Ask family to do special readings and roles for the wedding
  • Complete ceremony program and print
  • Finalize reception music