Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: March 16 Check-in

No Wedding Nightmares this week. Hooray!

What was accomplished:
  • Call out-of-country groomsman and tell him the measurements he needs to send us
  • One Groomsmen has got measurements done.
  • Stamped, addressed, assembled invitations
  • Met with Father Andrew and got ceremony readings and music approved
  • Bought my under-the-dress things
  • Got correct spellings of family members on Frenchie's side.
  • Dress is at the seamstress being altered! I can't believe how much they need to take it in. I should have pushed for the smaller size when I ordered :(
  • Picked up Frenchie's wedding present
  • Sent out-of-country and out-of-province invitations
What needs to be done in March: 
  • Email other in-town groomsmen and remind him to get measurements done.
  • Send the rest of the invitations
  • Ask family to do special readings and roles for the wedding
  • Complete ceremony program and print
  • Ask Frenchie's hockey team about bartending
  • Decide what to buy as groomsmen gifts
  • Finalize reception music
  • Write out directions for decorations (where, how)