Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: April 20 Check-in

2 months
8.5 weeks
59 days

Every time I look at my checklist, things are moved into May. Can't do this until we have that. Have to wait on such and such before doing those. I'm hoping I can get a few things checked off that aren't difficult and don't have any dependancies.

Good news:
My caterer phoned and found me a bartender! He said he will take care of finding another one and not to worry. I feel confident that it is now taken care of. We need to buy some booze and some cups and whatever else we'll need but at least I know we will have a bartender.
My dress finally fits! After having to take it in 3 inches, it finally fits. I should have trusted my gut and went with the size smaller.

Sad news:
My cousin I wanted to be an usher for the wedding has said no and declined the wedding invitation as well. I'm sad because I was closest to him as a kid. I've emailed another brother from the same family.(there are 4 and we used to spend a lot of time together) Hopefully he will do it.

What was accomplished:
  • Caterer found us a bartender!
  • Final dress fitting
  • Date Night: We went out for a nice dinner
  • Contacted wedding planner and got a detailed list to her of everything we have so far. I'm super excited to have her for the month/day of.
  • Appointment to meet with coordinator booked
  • Booked Mani/Pedi appointments
  • Emailed florist with new email address and to make appointment to meet
  • Emailed one guest hotel contact with new email address
What needs to be done in April: 
  • Email other guest hotel with new contact information
  • Take my dress to my parents for safe keeping
  • Finalize reception music - need Mother/Son song
  • Collect photos of Frenchie for slide show
  • Complete ceremony program and print
  • Wrap bridal party gifts
  • Make appointment to get marriage license
  • Take rings in to be re-sized