Thursday, January 3, 2013

2012 - Books in Review

This year was a strange year for reading. I always felt behind my goal. I've read the fewest books this year than the past 4 and it was a struggle to get them all in. Either I'm getting busier, reading slower, or making less time. I've linked my reviews here so you can get them all in one shot. The books in bold are my favourite for the year.

I read 37 out of 40 books in 2012. I'll be keeping my goal the same for 2013. I plan to read through my shelf of to-read that sits staring at me from my giant shelf. It's about time I start putting a dent in it. Frenchie shakes his head every time I buy a book and have no space to put it.

What I Read in 2012 


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