Saturday, March 14, 2009

Away from my regular gym

This week is really going to test my motivation and will to workout.

I'm travelling for a week for a work trip and will be in a hotel. Luckily, I have found one that has a fairly large fitness centre and a pool.

I am into Week 3 come Monday, so I will have to start the new sets/reps at some place other than my regular gym. From travelling a lot, I know that a lot of hotel gyms do not have all sorts of different equipment. They are usually very basic, which for my program, isn't that bad. I use mostly free weights, so that's good. For the other exercises that use machines, I have some modifications I can do. No excuses here!

One good thing about getting away for a week is that I can get me time. No cooking, no cleaning, no worryng about anything else, just me time. I'm more excited to spend some nights catching up on sleep, reading and a good workout than learning. Funny how that works. Of course I'll learn a thing or two on the course, but I'm really just looking forward to relaxing.

You'll hear from me in a week or so!