Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Shakin' things up

Yesterday was day 1 of the new program.
I had 5 exercises to do. Each 2 sets of 15 reps. Only took me half an hour with resting in between each set. I felt great after and really thought I had gotten a great workout. Even had to shower after (including hair) from sweating so much. The boost I got yesterday was amazing. Nothing to boost confidence like feeling strong.

Since yesterday was a lifting day, I was supposed to up the amount of protein I got. To start I ate normally at home, but when I got to work, instead of having a muffin, I got a breakfast sandwich. Egg&cheese in an english muffin. yum yum! I also had a post-workout shake. Wandered over to Jugo Juice and got the Junior Jugo + a shot of soy protein. Delicious!! My new favorite. Strawberry, banana, apple juice and orange juice. All blended into a wonderful yummy concoction.

Today I feel like I worked out. I know that sounds redundant, but there are a lot of times I go up to the gym, do a little and feel nothing. Today I feel like I actually did something useful. My hamstrings and all the way up into my butt is sore; a good sore though. My pecs hurt from all the pushups, but I'm sitting straighter today because of it.

Today is an off day. Program says I should always put one day in between my lifting days. Never more than 3 lifting days a week either. For the next two weeks I'm only doing 2 days of lifting because I have curling on the weekends which actually takes quite a bit of physical activity. Only two more weekends of curling and then the real work begins.

Today will be spent relaxing, eating healthy.