Friday, March 6, 2009

Limping along

Yesterday was Workout B. This consisted of Deadlifts, lunges, lat pulldowns, overhead press and swiss ball crunches. That doesn't sound too hard right? Yah, I didn't think it was either.

Lunges are my new arch-enemy. I realize now that my hamstrings are very week. I figured last night I would probably be really sore today, so I decided to use my foam roller and roll out my legs, back, arms and neck. When I got up today, I scolded myself for not remembering to do my quads. I am a limping machine today. I didn't pull anything, just worked the muscles till they were good and tired. I'll have to make sure I roll out the muscles again tonight after a hot bath to soak them.

I found a new shake from Jugo Juice yesterday. "Sippin' Strawberry". Very good flavour.

Tomorrow I curl my second last game of the season. Should be fun. Sunday I am heading to a friends house to pole. It's a ritual now that we get together every month or so and have a pole jam, as we call it. Mostly we just hang out, have fun trying new things and talk. I'd say there's far more talking that exercising happening. But that's the point right?