Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Workouts 5 & 6: Push it good!

My workout program doesn't go in weeks. It goes in what are called workouts. Makes a lot of sense eh? Let me explain.
I have 2 sets of exercises in Stage 1. Workout A and Workout B. Within those 2 sets of exercises, I have 8 workouts each. Right now I am on 5 and 6. Workouts 5 & 6 mean I am doing 3 sets of 10 reps. Today was the first day of doing that, and I had to up my weights. It was a success! My squat weights and seated-row weight increased significantly. Felt great to only have to do 10 or them, but that tenth was a hard one. I will definately be feeling that tomorrow.

I have officially made going for a Jugo Juice (fresh fruit, juice, etc) a treat. I only get one on my workout days. There is a lot of protein in them, so I use it as my post-workout shake. I normally get the mini size, but today I opted for a regular size. I surprised myself and drank it all. With that much fresh fruit and added soy protein, I'm sure to get my nutrients today.

The nutrition part of this program is very lax. I am mainly focusing on eating healthy, but also on getting more protein on my workout days than on rest days. All around, I have increased the amount by a lot. New favorite thing: chocolate milk! I have read several articles and seen several TV ads for chocolate milk as a great post-workout drink. Since I'm a milk lover anyways, this just makes it that much sweeter!