Thursday, March 19, 2009

Making do with what's here

Being away from home always sucks, but having a structured workout program makes it harder.

I'm in a hotel for the entire week and found the fitness centre. It's quite extensive and the staff is great. The guy at the reception desk to the gym was really interested in my FitBook. I gave him the website and the next time I went back he said he'd ordered one!

The weight room is good. I'm having to modify a few things, and it's quite busy. There are two guys from Tennessee that are really nice. We talked about different workout programs between sets the first time I went. As much as the ficilities are good, I'm uncomfortable not being in my regular gym. I've had some trouble having to modify some of my workouts because they don't have the correct machines. I never know how much weight the different bars are to lift. All of this makes it very difficult to keep motivated. I know for one that I haven't been lifting the correct amount of weight because my post workout day feels like I didn't do anything useful. I feel like I didn't workout at all!

I have one more workout to do while I'm here, so hopefully that will give me some time to figure it all out. I'm looking forward to being home next week.

I miss home!!