Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: May 25, 2011

24 DAYS!!

The Final countdown is on! It's coming so quickly now. Things are falling into place and there are just a few details to finish up. The accomplished list is finally larger than to the to-do. This past weekend was 3 days long so we got a lot finished. There are still 5 people remaining to reply to the wedding. We're two weeks over the reply date. We built in a buffer, but it's dwindling fast. We need our numbers by NEXT FRIDAY already! AAAHH!! I can't believe that!
What was accomplished:
  • Email other guest hotel with new contact information
  • Song list provided to DJ
  • Photographer shot list completed and returned
  • Put together ceremony programs - 24 left to do, but we need a sunny day
  • Met with Wedding planner - Best decision ever!
  • Made a few flowers changes
  • Thank you notes for shower written and sent
  • Called remaining RSVP's - 5 people to reply, but they have contacted us and we're waiting for work situations and travel arrangements
What needs to be done in the next 3 weeks: 
  • Decide/Buy parents/readers/videographer thank you gifts
  • Write toast to parents/bridal party and wife and husband
  • Collect list of taxi’s people can call
  • Decide on more table number pictures
  • Buy Booze
  • Attend second Stagette and Frenchie attend Stag
  • Meet with Priest and deliver everything he needs
  • Seating chart - delayed until we get all RSVP's back
  • Provide numbers to the caterer - delayed until we get all the RSVP's back